What is mc mirror

MC-Mirror is a brand name of Microcredit software which is design and develop by GSS team. This software name is MC-Mirror because its reflects organizational information anytime from anywhere as like mirror. MC-Mirror is an integrated (MIS and FIS) complete solutions for any types of Micro Finance Institutions (NGO, Multi-Purpose Co-Operative). This software automated all activities of MFIs that why daily activities become easier management level to field level. Some attractive features do faster & accurate daily activities to ensure transparency and accountability. This software has provision to use online and Desktop base as well with strong security and user friendly system. Software Feature This solution has been Designed and developed considering the poor skill user; as result, it is very easy to execute daily activities with minimum education competency. All manual activities have been added on this software. Protect wrong transactional error and detect mistake data entry. You can customize any options or reports as per your logical demand. Transfer MIS to FIS by single click. Any policy (Savings, FDR, MSS and loan) compatible with this solution. Bangla user manual. Attractive Feature All information show in dashboard so you can get important information of a branch by a single click Member, Component, Samity, Field Officer, Branch, Head Office wise report any date range Add same special option for working faster Generate reports in different formats Ensure transparency and accountability at all levels Helps to do paperless office Strengthened organizational capacity building is focused

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